Volume 4, Issue 2 (2023)

Volume 4, Issue 2 (2023)

Published: 29th Nov, 2023

Publisher: Kampala International University (KIU)


Utilization Of Blockchain Technology By Updf For Supply Chain Transparency And Traceability.

Sulle Tabu Ale, Prof. V. S. Manjula [ Pages: 1-10 ]

Speech Emotion Recognition Model Using Deep Learning.

Taiwo Kolajo, Emeka Ogbuju,Joy Ojochide Bello $ Francisca Oladipo [ Pages: 11-19 ]

A Review Of Cluster Under-Sampling In Unbalanced Dataset As A Methods For Improving Software Defect Prediction.

Abdulhamid Sani, V. S. Manjula, Musa Ahmed Zayyad [ Pages: 20-29 ]

Enhanced Student Retention In Open And Distance Education Through Effective Academic Performance Model Using Naïve Bayes And K-Nearest Neighbor Machine Learning Algorithms.

Ezeanya C. U., Onyeji E. M., Ejimofor I. A. [ Pages: 30-43 ]

Lecturers Perception Of Plagiarism Among Undergraduates In Nigeria.

Omotunde Oluwatobi Iyanu, Ajie Ifeoma Abigail, Okeoghene Mayowa-Adebara & Loveth Ogoegbulam [ Pages: 44-56 ]

Engaging Communities In Renewable Energy Projects For Sustainable Development.

Afam Uzorka, Ademola Olatide Olaniyan, Olubusayo V. Fakuade [ Pages: 57-67 ]

Plant Disease Detection On Some Selected Plants Using Convolutional Neural Network (CNN).

Hashim Bisallah Ibrahim & Ogbonna Onyedikachi Benjamin [ Pages: 68-78 ]
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