JASIC Volume. 2, Issue 2 (2021)


Usman Mohammed Bala, Musbahu Muhammad Muhammad, Ya’u Nuhu


Biometric TBS Contactless Authentication Sensor Frictionless

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COVID 19 Concerns: A Boost to Contactless Biometric System

Abstract: Finger print recognition is a secure and convenient technology that has become commonly used, not only in Smart phone but in our everyday activities. However, the recent global outbreak of corona virus is raising alarm about how safe using finger print authentication really is as touching the sensor can possibly spread the virus. The objective of this study is to provide ways to eliminate the risk of affecting with corona virus. This can be achieving by providing a touchless/contactless identification system at access control points using 3D + system develop by TBS. The system provides frictionless, no-contact readings even for people going through the system in a queue. The system captures properties of the hand and has applications for the COVID environment. This system provide high accuracy and security ratings are suitable for critical infrastructure applications, and there is no contact; the system is fully hygienic.