JASIC Volume. 2, Issue 1 (2021)


A. S. Idowu, J. O. Olabode


Upper-Convected Maxwell fluid Heat generation Buoyancy effect Stratification Spectral Collocation Method

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Dynamics of Heat Generating Upper-Convected Maxwell Fluid in a Porous Medium Over Melting Stretching Sheet with Stratification


The flow of heat-generating Upper-Convected Maxwell (UCM) fluid in a porous medium over a melting stretching sheet with stratification is studied. The effects of viscous dissipation, magnetic field, heat generation/absorption, and stratification were considered on velocity, temperature, and concentration. The momentum, energy, and mass distribution models governing the fluid flow are solved numerically via the Spectral Collocation Method. The effects of various pertinent parameters on velocity, temperature, and concentration profiles were presented in graphs and tables. The results reveal that the heat-generating parameter, Eckert number, solutal, and thermal Grashof numbers heighten the velocity field. The temperature of the fluid is geared up with the variational increase in Eckert number and heat-generating parameter. Also, the heat absorption parameter and Eckert number reduce the temperature and concentration boundary layers accordingly.