JASIC Volume. 1, Issue 2 (2020)


Usman Mohammed Bala, Musbahu Muhammad Muhammad


File Tracking System UML Software Paperless Electronic Monitoring

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Analysis and Design of File Tracking System


The file tracking system has been one of the areas of concern in most of our organizations. Much research over the years has been carried out to tackle the problem of file monitoring system in our institutions. As we all know large volumes of data are usually generated in most institutions of learning today. Locating files using the manual method is a tedious and time-consuming process for most of our administrative staff of such institutions. This paper aims to analyze and propose a file tracking system that will eliminate the problem caused by the manual system of a file monitoring system. This can be achieved by interviewing the staff who is in charge of the file monitoring system in the institution. The proposed system was designed based on the information gathered from staff using UML diagrams such as use case diagrams and easy designer to create a database diagram. Which helps in managing the flow of files effectively and efficiently. All the files such as reports, decisions, requests, and location history can be processed and tracked by the system at any period.