JASIC Volume. 4, Issue 1 (2023)


Usman M.A, Lawal O.W, Peter B.A.


Convection flow with MHD fluid from Casson Radiative heat flux Viscous dissipation Heat transfer Ohmic heating Perturbation technique

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Impacts of radiative heat flux and heat acquisition on steady Magneto hydrodynamics with viscous and ohmic dissipation, Free convection casson fluid flow between porous plates

Abstract: An investigation was conducted on a steady magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) free convection flow of a Casson fluid across a parallel vertical plate immersed in a porous medium with viscous and magnetic dissipation. In addition, the energy equation contains terms for radiational heat flow, heat injection, and suction. The perturbation approach provides an analytical solution to the governing nonlinear partial differential equations underlying this phenomenon. The numerical approach in the Maple program was used to verify the correctness of the outcomes produced by the perturbation technique. The Grashof and Prandtl numbers, Casson fluid, magnetic field, and porosity parameters as well as radiation parameter, and heat injection/suction parameter impact on the flow is discussed graphically. Skin friction coefficient and Nusselt number are tabulated for a range of magnetic and radiative parameter values. The other physical factors listed above accelerate the fluid velocity, but the magnetic field decreases it. Furthermore, the wall shear stress and heat transfer were significantly impacted by the magnetic and radiative factors.