JASIC Volume. 2, Issue 1 (2021)


T. L. Oyekunle, M T. Akolade, J. U. Abubakar, O. T. Olotu


Thermophysical fluid properties Quadratic convection Legendary Polynomial Casson nanofluid Inclined Plane Collocation method.

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Influence of Variable Properties on Quadratic Convective Flow of Casson Nanofluid Past an Inclined Plane


In this study, the combined effects of thermophysical fluid properties alongside nonlinear thermal and solutal convective processes in an inclined flow region containing Casson nanofluid subjected to slip and convective boundary conditions are considered. Application of induced non-uniform magnetic field strength applied perpendicular to the flow plane and the buoyancy influences are believed responsible for the quadratic convection rate. The prime PDEs are renewed to systems of ODEs via applicable transformations and similarity variables. Assuming a series trial solution, the flow distribution results were obtained numerically by collocation approach with Legendary polynomial basis function. Validation of the numerical results play favorably when compared with the weighted residual method (Galerkin) and the existing literature. The results reveal that; Casson fluid exhibit a solid characteristic when yield stress is more than the shear stress, the pronouncement of nonlinear solutal and thermal buoyancy effects predicts the acceleration of the flow fields greatly compared to the linear model, adherence between the fluid particles and flow surface-displayed retardation in the shear force thus enhanced the motion of Casson fluid and diminished the energy fields, surface suspension suppresses the flow but energizes both temperatures and nanoparticle volume fraction profiles.